Flexible Epoxy Resin


Flexible Epoxy System

RESOLTECH 1600 / 1606 system results from the latest advances in epoxy chemistry formulation and enables to obtain a flexible epoxy retaining all the added values of epoxy resins: high adhesion, and high toughness, but none of the ageing issues in the older flexible formulations. The latest system is a high-performance epoxy laminating system that cures at room temperature. It is formulated for the realisation of flexible laminates that need high flexibility and improved impact resistance. The hardener has been reformulated in order to guarantee the absence of CMR components.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Excellent wettability
  • Excellent adhesion on all substrates
  • Comfortable working time

Typical applications :

  • Flexible carbon rods
  • Flexible light RTM counter moulds when mixed with 1050 resin
  • Decoration & upholstery items
  • Rally car parts
  • Sensors encapsulation
  • Fibre-reinforced membranes


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