Zinc Rich Compound ROVAL RS

Finishes in a colour similar to Hot-dip galvanizing.

ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound is the designer’s choice because of the silver hue. 83% zinc in its dry film maintains high anti-corrosion performance compared with other normal anti-corrosion paints. Suitable for repairing old galvanized materials or as a top-coat for Roval.


Galvanic Protection Coating


ROVAL SILVER (RS) is a single pack, ready to use, high quality liquid organic zinc rich compound. The dried film of RS has high zinc (ASTM D520 type II) content and aluminum powders. It provides long-lasting galvanic anti-corrosion protection to metals along with the silver color surface.


● Color: Silver
● Specific Gravity: 1.70±0.05kg / L
● VOC: 655g / L (5.47lbs / gal)
● Theoretical Coverage: 2m² or 21.5ft² / kg (dft = 3.2mil)
● Recommended Film Thickness: 3.2mil or 80μm
● Heat-Resistance Continuous 212 °F (100°C) max
● Non-continuous 338 °F (170°C) max
● Cold-Resistance -76 °F (-60°C) for 1008hrs
● Dry to Touch Time 20-30mins (at ambient temperature)
● Recoat time (2nd coat of RS) 3-6 hrs
● Pencil hardness: 3B (Hardness will be improved after exposure)
● Cross cut test: 100 / 100
● Impact resistance: 500g 1/2″×50cm
● Salt Spray Test: 1200 hours
● Exterior Exposure: 10 years no rust happened

ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Spray 420ml

Painting area: 0.4m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 24 cans / case

ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Painting area: 3m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 4 cans / case
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound
7kgPainting area: 14m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 1 can
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound
20kgPainting area: 40m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 1 Pail
Packaging: 4 cans / case

Packaging: 1 Pail


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