Yarn Winding


Yarn Winding (6 Frames) SR-1

Yarn type Elastic yarn, cotton yarn, silk, polyester, polyester filament nylon, DTY FDY, viscose yarn, etc.
No. of spindles 6
Winding speed 0-1200 m/min (process speed depending on quality of yarn and feed package)
Shape of Package Ranges from 0 – 5°

(including 0000` – 4020`)

Square end chees, cone

Taper end chees, cone

Range of taper angle Taper angle Oct 35o CAD
Traverse length Ranges from 25mm (0.98 inch) – 250mm (9.8 inch)

including following:

6(inch) 152mm,

8inch (203mm)

Motor Introduction winding motor 180W, transverse motor 50W, gate tension motor 5W, overfeed motor 60W, oiling motor 5W, total power 300W / spindle, watt 160W/spindle


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