Yarn Winding

The yarn Winding machine offered by us is backed by the latest technology support so as to provide efficient performance support in defined industrial applications.


Yarn Winding Machine

(6 Frames) SR-1

Yarn type Elastic yarn, cotton yarn, silk, polyester, polyester filament nylon, DTY FDY, viscose yarn, etc.
No. of spindles 6
Winding speed 0-1200 m/min (process speed depending on quality of yarn and feed package)
Shape of Package Ranges from 0 – 5°

(including 0000` – 4020`)

Square end chees, cone

Taper end chees, cone

Range of taper angle Taper angle Oct 35o CAD
Traverse length Ranges from 25mm (0.98 inch) – 250mm (9.8 inch)

including following:

6(inch) 152mm,

8inch (203mm)

Motor Introduction winding motor 180W, transverse motor 50W, gate tension motor 5W, overfeed motor 60W, oiling motor 5W, total power 300W / spindle, watt 160W/spindle


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