WaterJet Loom


Working width  1000 mm
Frame  numbers  4 pcs
Shedding Type  Positive Cam / Dobby with CAD Designing Software
Speed  650 rpm
Weft insertion  Waterjet
Number of weft selectors  02
 No. of heald frames  04
 Let-off and Take-up  Electronic let-off and take-up
 CAM  Positive CAM 10 shafts
 Beam  1  PC 100 cm
 Roller  1  PC roller
 Motor  ~ 1.5 kw
 Nozzle   MDH4520
 Single valve  Titanium
 Crankshaft motion  Degrees
 Single Nozzle  Adopted
 Heald length  4 pcs 100cm
 Cross beam  Thick triangle shaped tube
 Painting processing  Acid wash phosphate spray
 Panel  Thick Alloy
 Crossbeam trestle  Central vertical trestle according to the width


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