WaterJet Cutter



 Machine type Abrasive Waterjet CNC Cutter
Materials to cut Polymeric composites, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Titanium, Fiber glass, Aluminum & Brass, Mild steel, Carbon fiber, Steel, G10 laminate, Glass, Copper, Marble, Granite, Kevlar etc.
Abrasive system The garnet abrasive delivery system consists of the high-pressure nozzle, garnet abrasive feed system (hopper and feed tube), and high-pressure plumbing. The garnet abrasive hopper lid keeps the garnet abrasive from being contaminated with debris or getting wet. The garnet abrasive screen helps to filter small pieces of debris when filling the hopper that may clog the feed tube or nozzle. When machining a part, the garnet abrasive flows from the hopper to the abrasive waterjet nozzle through the garnet abrasive feed tube.
Bed size 12.0 x 12.0 inches
Cutting thickness 1 inch (25mm)
Cutting mechanism CNC controlled cutting
Pump pressure 30000 psi
Software to operate the equipment:

Intelli-MAX® Proto CAD/CAM Software

A complete package of software is included along-with machine how to operate the abrasive waterjet cutter. Intelli-MAX® Proto Software is a CAD/CAM suite designed by OMAX to maximizes the functionality of the ProtoMAX Abrasive Waterjet. Based upon OMAX’s powerful Intelli-MAX software suite, ProtoMAX LAYOUT and MAKE software programs are specifically adapted to maximize support of the ProtoMAX waterjet cutting capabilities to training, layouts and to make designs.

Training ProtoMax

The information in this training section is designed to assist the new ProtoMAX operator and contains the following:

  • A brief overview of the ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet equipment
  • Terminology used in the abrasive jetmachining process
  • How the machine works to cut a part.
  • The steps in making a part with abrasive waterjet equipment
  • How to get started with using the OMAX Intelli-MAX Proto software
  • Where to find and how to use the help files
  • Best practices in creating a machine tool path
  • A review of the equipment startup and shutdown checklists


LAYOUT is CAD software that creates tool paths for your ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet system. LAYOUT includes all the basic commands you’d expect to find in a CAD package, as well as a whole suite of tools specific to abrasivejet machining. The LAYOUT help topics provide the information needed to operate the software’s drawing and nozzle pathing functions.

You use ProtoMAX LAYOUT to:

  • Import part files from other systems (DXF, AI, SVG, or other files).
  • Edit existing part drawings or create new ones.
  • Create the tool path used by the ProtoMAX waterjet to cut your part.
ISO standard ProtoMax meets ISO 9001:2015 standard (copy is attached herewith)
CE marked ProtoMax waterjet is CE marked and an external declaration of compliance with the applicable European Union New Approach (EU) Directives.


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