Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar

The Hopkinson pressure bar is a specialized equipment to study the dynamic mechanical properties of materials under a one-dimensional stress state. It’s used to determine the stress and strain characteristics of the material under dynamic impact conditions. It’s mainly used to obtain the stress-strain curve of metal and composite materials.


Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar


Type of test For the Dynamic Compression Loading measurements
Bar material AL-7075
Incident Bar length 1900 mm
Transmission Bar length 850 mm
Bar diameter 18 mm
Throw-Off Bar length 1200 mm
Launch barrel length 2600 mm
Striker Bar Length Range 100 & 200, 300 & 400, 600 mm
Striker Bar velocity 50 m/sec
Pressure Tank For compressed nitrogen gas, including regulators, lever and related assemblies for launching the striker bar.
Pressure Tank Volume 25 Liters
Operating range Pressure Up-to 4 MPa operating range
Strain Rate Range 100 s-1 to 10000 /s
Setup Dimension Up-to 9 meters
Guiding rail A combination of multiple rails forming a unified rail, with length adapted to the bar system, including positioning and aligning blocks.
Speed measurement Optical sensor, measuring range: 0-100 m/s
Test accuracy 1%
ø18 bar support and alignment device Three-way adjustable bar support
Damper Energy absorbing material and mechanical buffering means
Safety Cover Made of plastic board and metal frame
Bar storage shelf Steel frame for storing bars.
Strain gauge Kit Strain gages (20 pcs)
Data Acquisition System 4-channel DAQ system, maximum response frequency 1Mhz. 1 x digital oscilloscope Data logger with 4 channels, minimum 2 x signal conditioners, cables and accessories required for building complete circuit
Software Capabilities


Standard Hopkinson analysis software module: including data import and export, processing, other basic functions that allowed for the creation of strain, stress, strain rate, and stress-strain curves, data browsing, data management and simple processing, report output.


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