Smart Automatic Hand Sterilizer tripod turnstile


Smart Automatic Hand Sterilizer Hygiene Cleaning Tripod Turnstile

Product Description

Full automatic work by infrared sensor, no touch operation to avoiding to cross contamination.
One-stop integrated type include both hand clean and disinfect functions.
Hand clean function: Inductive soap liquid dispenser, inductive washing hand, inductive drying hand, inductive
Tripod turnstile: User are coerced into cleaning and disinfecting hand before entrance.
Prevents disinfection through hands and shoes
Easy, fast and effective cleaning and disinfection
Automatic, easy to use


Material: 1.0mm 304 SUS Hairline #400;
Pass Width:≦550mm;
Pass rate:30-35 persons/minute;
Operating time: 0.2 Seconds;
Working voltage:24V;
Communication interface: RS485,Dry Contact.

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