Single End Sizing


Model No. GA 392

Yarn materials Cotton, Polyester/Cotton, Kevlar, Carbon, Glass, Jute etc.
Sizing materials PVA, Starch, Wax etc.
Spindle number 1
Spindle speed Max. 250 m/min (Depending upon yarn thread sorts)
Temperature range Max. 100 oC
Total Power ~ 4Kw
Yarn range 5-500 tex
Yarn Break Auto stop on yarn breakage, equipped with yarn break detecting device
Tension form Automatic tension control, digital display
Sizing Tank Detachable, easy to clean, electronic controlled heating tank.
Data acquisition Real time data acquisition analysis (fixed digital)
Length measuring sensor Measuring of length with accurate sensor system
Length counted mode Electronic, LCD speed displayed
Control mode Single spindle control with single speed and tension. The frequency controller is used for cabbage rotational motor in drying room. The yarn guide cylinder is traced by the servo.
Bobbin winding AC servo motor control
Trough heating Electric heating
Drying Hot air drying system


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