Semi-Auto Loom


This machine is welded integrally by the seamless square steel pipe with reasonable structure and good rigidity. The outer surface is treated by baking finish with good brightness and beautiful appearance.

The machine adopts pneumatic heald lifting opening unit to avoid the easy wearing shortcoming of traditional pin mechanism. It features stable action, low noise and high reliability.

Reed width 20 inches
No. of heald frame 16
Shedding method Pneumatic Dobby with PLC control system
Warping beam capacity 3 meters
Color selection Manual system
Let-off/Take-up Manual system
Beating-up Manual beating-up at cross shed position
Heald lifting PLC control, pneumatic opening
Air source control Air source pressure 0.45 ~ 0.8Mpa, largest air consumption 200L/min.
Power source Rated power source 220V, freq. 50HZ
Power 1 KW
Weight ~ 180KG
Machine dimensions ~ 1300*980*1500 mm


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