Rubber Injection Molding

The rubber Injection Moulding machine consists of the main machine frame, automatic injection system, automatic electrical cabinet and hydraulic station. The machine is a pillar structure and has working layers. The machine not only injects the rubber material into mould automatically but also can vulcanize and solidify material automatically. It is widely used to heat and solidify various kinds of rubbers. This automatic rubber injection machine can make all kinds of high quality and high precision rubber products such as rubber seals, engine mounting, gaskets, bushings and other parts, especially for the automotive industry. The machine is equipped with an intense mixer.


Rubber Injection Molding Machine



Intense mixer included.

Type: 50-100T

Pressure:50-100 tons

Clamping force: 500-1000KN

Motor: 10-15Kw

Bore diameter: 320-380mm

Open mould stroke: 350-400mm

Platen size: 600mm×600mm

Heating method: Electric heating

Temperature distribution: +  2ºC

Ram: CR white special alloy metals

Injection system: DingFeng (TAIWAN)

PLC: Programmable controller Japan

Overall Dimensions: (L×W×H): 8×6×8ft

Screw diameter: 30-50mm

Screw speed: 0-90 rpm


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