Prepreg Composite Processing


Model No. CP-1000

Solvent (solution) type prepreg making systems saturate reinforcements with resin dissolved in a solvent which decreases its viscosity and aids fibers’ complete wet-out.  Single roving is guided through guide bars to achieve appropriate tension, run through a resin bath, lead through a set of rollers to remove excess resin and winded around the drum just like filament winding. it controls automatically the fiber areal weight [FAW]. This machine can easily make a sample prepreg and specimen to test mechanical properties when we modified resin component and carbon fiber producing method. It is an excellent solution for the laboratories and research institutes that are developing and testing new prepreg material.

Prepreg product type Solvent (solution) type
Prepreg formation Thermoset matrices
Materials Carbon/epoxy/polyester and other thermoset polymers
FAW control ~75 ~ 400 g/m2
Winding drum Diameter 400mm x Length 200mm
Creel 3 inch bobbin
Tension control Power break controlled tension
Roller Diameter 150mm x Length 50mm
Roller material AL7075
Resin spreading system Doctor blade & Gap gage spreading system
Resin mechanism Resin Dip tank heating unit
Guide system Roving guide system
Winding drum traverse stroke 200mm
Drum winding speed Max. 30 rpm
Drum traverse motor Inverter controlled system
Winding speed control Inverter controlled system
Drum heating unit Water heating unit
Roller heating temperature Max. 100 oC
Temperature control system Digital PID controlled system
Operation PLC based & control software system with touch screen HMI
Control part Drum traverse & winding speed control


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