Non-woven Fabric Line


Complete Non-woven Fabric Line

For processing sheep wool fibres including cleaning unit, opening units, cross lapping and needle punching Loom

Technical Specifications:

Total Process: Opening—feeding—carding—lapping—needle punching—winding

Pre-fiber Opener:

To loosen all kinds of fibre in bundles, then transfer them to the next procedure via blower fan. The pre-opening is by notch-style roller to reduce fibre damage. The main opening is by card wire plate with high efficiency. It is equipped with a strong magnet to absorb metal impurities.

Machine width: ~ 400mm, Production capacities: 20-50kg/h, Power: ~ 5kw.

Feeding Machine:

To mix opened fibre and transfer the even cotton layer to the next procedure. The photo electric constant-weight control and vibrating plate make the feeding quantity even and accurate.

Machine width: ~ 500mm, Production capacities: 20-50kg/h, Power: 2.25kw.

Carding Single-cylinder double-doffer machine:

It is suitable for combing of 1.5-20D × 38-65mm artificial fibres. single-cylinder high-speed combing makes fibre fully combed and the mesh more even. The feeding roller is driven by frequency conversion and is equipped with an anti-metal protection device.

Machine working width: 500mm, Cylinder diameter: ~ 500mm, Output capacity: ~ 3 Kg/h, Hopper feeder: Connecting with the pre-opener machine, Speed: ~ 20-50m/min, Power: ~ 5kw.

Cross Lapper:

To fold and pave the mesh after carding evenly into certain width and thickness, then transfer it to the next procedure after pressurization. All paving aprons are driven separately for easy adjustment, The reciprocal commutation is controlled by frequency conversion, and the rail is proof against leaking.

Input apron width: 500mm, Output apron working width: 1000mm, Belts: PVC, Motor: Frequency controlled with variable lapping speed, Lapping speed: 0-45m/min (variable), Power: 5kw.   

Needle Punching Loom:

It is suitable for production common nonwoven as needle punched nonwovens, asphalt felt substrate, geotextile etc. Three kinds of structural styles to this machine are pre-needing, upstroke, and down-stroke.

Machine working width: 1000mm, Needle stroke: 55-60mm, Needle density: 4000-5000s/m, Needle punching frequency: 100-600m/min (times/min), Belt & Guide system: Mechanism-based on feeding belt and guide for batt feeding system, Total power: ~ 5kw.

Winding & Cutting Machine:

It is at the rear procedure of a nonwoven production line, cutting the required width length for packing.

Machine width: 1000mm, Liner speed: 1-15m/min, Total power: 1.5kw.


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