Membrane Filtration Assembly


Model No. RF-25

 Instrument  Membrane filtration assembly, easy to install modules
 Module  Plate and frame
 Mixing tanks  Integrated with liquid mixing tank
 Storage vessel  Integrated with main storage vessel
 Circulation pump  Variable speed circulation pump included
 Filters  Filters for filtering feed
 Glass beakers  Glass beakers for sampling included
 Membrane area  25 cm2
 Body Structure  Stainless Steel 316L
 Cross-flow mechanism  Magnetic stirring system
 Multiple membrane ranges  Different modules.
 Temperature  0 – 80 oC, digitally controlled by controller
 Temperature sensor  PT-100 sensor
 Conductivity  Analyzed by sensors
 Operation pressure  0 – 5bar
 Pressure display  By manual Gauge
 Cross-flow velocity  0.5 – 1.0 m/s
 Channel diameter  2 mm
 Cell hold-up volume  10 ml
 O-rings  Rubber / silicone based
 Piping  Integrated with necessary piping, vales and indicators
 Control panel  Fully equipped with all necessary controllers
 Electric system  Three phase or single phase as per instrument requirement
 Floor stand  Instrument will be mounted on movable floor-stand


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