Membrane Distillation


Membrane Distillation (MD) is a relatively new and promising separation technology that is an alternative to more energy-intensive methods such as reverse osmosis or distillation. MD is a thermally driven process where only vapour molecules transfer through a hydrophobic (water repellent), microporous membrane.


  • Sea and Brackish Water Desalination
  • Process Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Separation of Clean Water from Oil in Water Emulsions


Membrane Distillation / MD Filtration 


Filtration setup

Membrane Distillation Filtration Assembly


Polymeric Membranes
Membrane module


Module diameter

4×6 inches
Module Material

MMA Acrylic


5 Liters
No. of Modules


Storage and mixing vessel

~ 1000 ml

Operating Pressure

2 ~ 5 bar


Variable velocity by using manual Rota-meter

Collection beakers

Various sizes glass beakers for collection of permeate and retentate
Material of construction

MMA Acrylic membrane module structure and Mild Steel with Galvanized coated Frame / Table


Feed point position for MD on membrane
Feed Temperature

Electric heating system 0 – 80 oC, digitally controlled by the controller

Temperature sensor

Thermocouple with sensor and digital display system

The conductivity of retentate/permeate can be analyzed by an external portable conductivity measuring meter

Pressure display

Manual pressure gauges will be mounted on each module feed and retentate line


Rubber O-rings


The membrane module will be integrated with all necessary pipes
Control panel and Electric distribution box

The membrane module will be fully equipped with all necessary controllers, wires, switches, buttons and digital displays

Electric system

Three phases

Level indicator

Level indicator manual gauge will be mounted on the main feed tank
Tools & accessories

All the tools and accessories will be provided along-with membrane module system for easy maintenance and operations


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