Jigger Dyeing (Pilot)


Pilot Scale Jigger Dyeing Machine

Features & Specifications:

Tradition of Jigger Machines or Use:

Processes such as pre-treating, scouring or dyeing of textile fabrics have been carried out on jiggers from the beginning of the textile industry. Textile finishing highly benefits from this simple but efficient technology. The jigger is especially suitable for the treatment of crease-sensitive, non-permeable, very fine as well as very heavy textiles mostly made of natural fibres.

Marjan Polymer Industries’ Jigger Dyeing

Very often there are differences found in the shade when recipes are transferred from lab to bulk. In order to achieve the results in a “right-first-time” attempt, our team of technologists and engineers has developed the MPI Lab Jig identically to the Jigger for large scale production The MPI Lab Jig is perfectly suitable for obtaining perfect lab recipes, which will not cause any variation in production afterwards. Furthermore, the MPI Lab Jig is an outstanding alternative for sampling for your next collection. Last but not least, the MPI Lab Jig is a first class option for processing narrow fabrics as well.

The complete construction of the MPI Lab Jig has been taken over from the commercial production industrial Jigger. The large inspection windows made of laminated tempered glass allows excellent visual control of the whole process even in this laboratory version. The highly insulated glass avoids any loss of heat from inside the machine, they are opened under the hood. Special bearings on all rollers guarantee extreme smooth running resulting in the fact, that even tension sensitive fabrics can be treated.


Consistent temperature, controlled fabric tension, fabric speed and processing time, proper dyestuff/ chemicals up-take and uniform liquor ratio are some of the most important features of MPI lab Jig to deliver best quality product. The reliable control of the whole process provides optimum safety. The Jigger is economical, user-friendly and Made in Pakistan.

Main Features Include:

  • The whole Jigger machine will be fabricated with Stainless Steel 316L material
  • Consistent fabric tension
  • Consistent fabric speed
  • Optimum and consistent liquor ratio
  • Special expander construction for long fabric dyeing
  • Perfect monitoring due to large inspection windows
  • High quality stainless steel guide rollers bearing
  • Circulation pump for uniform dispersion of dye
  • HMI & PLC based system

General Characteristics:

Inspection Window:

The large inspection window suit best for the operator to visually monitor the whole process. The hermetic sealing of the inspection window ensures a consistent inside temperature and minimum heat loss. Inspection window is made of glass providing excellent insulation values, too. The Jig will be equipped with stainless steel made process bath with toughened and laminated large glass viewing window cover. This large inspection window suit best for the operator to visually monitor the whole process and can be easily opened during certain processing conditions by a simple mechanism and locked in the closed position using a clamp fastener. The hermetic sealing of the inspection window ensures a consistent inside temperature. Inspection window is made of glass providing excellent thermally insulation values, too. The area around the processing bath will have proper over temperature control protection mechanism which protects the processes and equipment from excessive temperatures

Liquor Trough:

The specially designed liquor trough provides an optimum and consistent liquor to dye ratio. The trough design allows economic dyeing by small-sized batches. As a result, it is flexible to respond immediately to test with small size batch and requirement. Large sized outlet drain valves enable quick liquor discharge. The system can be equally applicable as required for large and small fabric batches and also for high grade technical textile products.

Trough Cooling Jacket:

As per requirement of Jig machine, liquor trough will be provided with a Jacketed bath for cooling the liquor charged inside the trough or the cooling jacket will be provided in the circulation tank rather than the trough.

Chilled Liquid Control:

In both above mentioned cases, the jacket will be provided with manual IN and OUT ball, gate or needle valve to ensure proper manual control of chilled liquid or tap water entered inside the jacket for controlling the liquor temperature in the trough.

Liquor Level Monitoring:

A level indicator in form of manual visualizing glass gauge will be used to reliably monitor the level of liquor in the bath.

Batch and Continues Mode with Liquor Circulation System:

The Jig will have the capacity to perform either ‘batch to batch’ process or ‘continuous loop’ process. A proper circulation system will be provided to ensure a consistent temperature and a homogeneous dye concentration in the bath. Circulation system will be provided with a liquor circulation pump (preferably centrifugal type) and storage tank of capacity 3 to 5 liters. Storage tank helps in charging of more liquor and dye without disturbing the inside operation. This helps in working of machine in continues operation mode and enables to change liquid intake without disturbing the inside operation. Such continues mode operation is normally not available in any jigger machine and is one of the best salient features of MPI Lab Jig.

Main Rollers:

Two main Stainless Steel SS316L rollers will be mounted in the MPI Lab Jigger. Two other nip rolls with small diameter than the main rollers will be placed inside the dye bath to support the fabric and to provide a wide space to fabric to remain dipped into the liquor.

Two stainless steel SS316L rectangular rods supported with adjustable mechanism will be provided on both sides of the liquor trough to provide proper stiffness to mounted fabric. These rectangular rods also play the role of Doctors Knife to wipe out excess liquor from the coated fabric before going to roll on the main collecting roller. The large diameter rollers, which are normally used to transfer the fabric, will be made of stainless steel. This reduces the thermal losses from the sample. Creasing effects will be minimized due to the large roller diameter. The maximum diameter allowable on the machine rollers will be 160 – 200 mm. All rollers of specific diameter will be made of stainless steel 316L with CNC, Lathe & Plasma machines.

Guide Roller Bearings on Rollers

Like other components, the bearings will be made of high-quality stainless steel material. The Jigger features special two-rowed self-aligning ball bearings to absorb radial and axial forces even more easily. This allows an extremely smooth running of the machine’s main rollers. This protects the fabric against standard high tension that may result in strong deformation and loss of elasticity.

Drive System:

As per requirement of Jig machine, one or two motors will be mounted for the direct drive of the main support rollers. The two main support rollers, having special bearings at the roller’s ends, will be driven by frequency-controlled inverter. One or two variable frequency drive inverters (as per motor’s) can be installed to ensure proper control of main rollers which enables to control fabric tension properly.


Fabric roller speed will be controlled and mounted by ‘variable processing speed control by AC drive high quality inverter’. These inverters will have features of reducing or increasing rotation speed which will give complete control on speed adjustments according to application need and better stability of flow-rate modulation which in turn also allows better temperature control.


Indirect heating by mounting electric heaters on liquor bath or circulation tank for heating of liquor. Indirect heating helps in proper heating of dye liquor or plain liquor in bath without degradation and also uniform heating. The electric heaters with high power capacity will be mounted.

Temperature Measurement:

The temperature within the hood and the trough area will be measured by temperature sensors. The temperature within the hood and the trough area will be measured by PT100 temperature sensors having features of temperature range up to 100oC.

Temperature Control

Real time temperature indication and control will be done by making a control loop with electric heaters mounted on trough. Temperature measured by temperature sensors will be displayed by digital indicators. Temperature control will be done by making control loop with electric heaters mounted on trough. The digital set point enables proper control by switching ON/OFF electric heaters with the given set point.

Fabric Tension:

Readily adjustable variable fabric tension control will be installed by mechanically restricting the free roller using an adjustable brake system. The fabric tension control ensures that the fabric batch runs straight and builds up with straight sides. To increase or decrease the tension, knob rotation will be provided.

Cloth Width:

The Jig will facilitate adjustable cloth width of different dimensions’ ranges from 450 to 650 mm.

Temperature Maximum:

The temperature range of Jig will be adjustable by controller from 0 – 100 oC maximum.

Batch Diameter:

The maximum diameter allowable on the machine rollers will be in between 160 – 200 mm.

Cloth Width Maximum:

The cloth width will be adjustable from minimum 450mm to maximum 650mm.

Liqueur Volume:

5 – 15 Liters Maximum.


The Jigger will be supplied with adjustable timing controller with end of cycle alarm for the automatic timing of the Jig passing process or the timing of a continuous loop process. This enables to calculate the timing of operation and help to optimize and also help to upscale the process for real time production. It also helps to find out the efficiency of the process in due course of calculated time. The Jig will be supplied with facilitating the automatic timing of passing process or the timing of a continuous loop process.  The controller and counter system will allow the automatic counting of the Jig passes.

Liquor Volume Indication:

The liquor volume will be indicated by two optional ways:

One is by visualizing the liquid level by inspection glass or window. This inspection glass suit best for the operator to visually monitor the liquor volume. Secondly, using manual level glass gauge. This glass gauge is mounted on liquor trough and also on circulation tank. Any change the level shown on glass gauge helps to evaluate the difference in quantities of liquids in trough and circulation tank. The best suited system will be installed as per Jig machine requirement.


The Jig will be equipped with proper spray wash and drain system. Proper sized ball valves will be mounted on MPI Lab Jig to discharge liquids that contains chemicals from trough and also from circulation tank.

Bi-directional Running:

The Jig will have the capability to perform bidirectional operations such as Forward running and Reverse running. This salient feature is available by installing a manual two way switch on the main drives so that that motors can be operated in one side or other thus enabling bi directional running.

Special External Fabric Expander:

The MPI Lab Jig will also be supplied with special external material/fabric expander system which facilitates to dye or coat high length fabric for continuous loop process. The construction of the material expander enables an improved dyeing and scouring result. The expander will be adjustable within and allow very smooth large quantity material transport. The design of the expander lips protects even very sensitive textiles. The expander system comprises of two additional rollers mounted on stands provided with belts to be coupled with the internal rollers. These two rollers are places at the start and farther positions. The fabric enters the MPI lab Jig and will be collected to exit point on the farther roller. Thus large capacity fabric can be quoted and MPI lab Jig can work as industrial jig machine. Such system helps to get the upscale results of the lab experiments using the same machine. This salient feature is specialty and available only in the MPI lab Jig Machine.

Displacer or Baffles with Agitation:

To improve the dye liquor mixing, displacers will be mounted in liquor bath or trough along with stirrer for agitation. The baffles arrangement will be provided in the trough which enables to produce a turbulent flow in the bath during drop down of liquor from the fabric and also coming from the charging or circulation vessel. Thus displacers automatically provide a mixing effect for uniform mixing or dye or any other chemical in the liquor. In addition to this an agitator with motor and impeller will be installed at the bottom of the liquor bath in order to agitate the liquor for proper mixing.

Floor Mounted Stand:

MPI lab Jig will be supplied with a floor mounted Stainless Steel stand or Mild Steel stand coated with anti-corrosion coating. This stand will be adjusted with high grade wheels with locking arrangement in order to easily move MPI Lab Jig machine to any suitable place instead of placing it on the bench. This salient feature is especially helpful when Jig will be operated as Industrial scale or using external fabric extender system.

PLC and HMI system:

MPI Lab Jig machine will be supplied with advanced Programmable Logic Control (PLC) based system. This PLC will be controlled by Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen. This PLC system will be equipped with all the required IO’s (Input Output) cards and digital and analogs controls. The different mimics on the HMI screen enables best and real time control and visualization of the process as per modern aspects.

Electric Panel:

The machine operator panel will be mounted for controlling the respective machine functions.

A Control panel will be equipped with following:

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) which allows process visualization in different windows.
  • PLC.
  • Temperature indicators and controller/controllers.
  • Signal lamps.
  • On / Off Switches
  • Timer
  • Electric meters
  • Emergency Stop Button.


The MPI Lab Jig will be equipped with following essential safeties:

  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Over Temperature Protection Device

Electric Protection Device (in case of sudden electricity failure)


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