Hot Air Blower Hystream-2000



Model No. 2000

100% Made in Germany – TROTEC 

Universally applicable hot air blower in a convenient pistol shape

Whether for car foliation, plastic welding, deformation of material, heat-shrink tubing, paint stripping and removal of material residues, wallpaper stripping or drying acceleration for gluing and different kinds of paint – the heat gun HyStream 2000 is a universal aid for many tasks and should thus be part of every tool kit.

The ergonomic pistol-shaped design of our all-rounder HyStream 2000 even enables longer hot air applications without fatigue – and thanks to the specially balanced weight distribution, this thermo tool can also be applied in stable stationary operation without difficulty to allow for hands-free working.

To adjust the heat gun HyStream 2000 optimally for every task, the device comes with over 60 preselectable temperature stages from 50 °C to 650 °C and a five-stage air current control. The safe permanent operation is ensured by an automatic temperature control with integrated overheating protection.

All selected performance values can be easily read from the integrated LCD display and by means of the memory function the previously selected setting will be stored even if the device is not switched on.

Be it for pinpoint or large-scale heat treatment or the well-directed deflection of heat rays to protect heat-sensitive materials – thanks to the set of attachments nozzles already included in the standard scope of delivery with the heat gun HyStream 2000 you have an ideal thermo-tool for almost every task – even as professional barbecue lighter to quickly set your charcoal thoroughly aglow.


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