Furnace (High Temp.)

This furnace model is technically designed with the most advanced types of insulating fibres and heating elements to obtain a very high-temperature range in a much shorter time than other furnaces in the market built with conventional refractory bricks. It is also perfectly thermally insulated, with no significant inertias. The chamber is internally built entirely with ceramic fibre. Above this volume, the bottom is manufactured with high-temperature refractory bricks of very high aluminium content and melting point, enabling a load of heavy crucibles, samples or objects with no risk of sinking or breakage. The chamber top and sides’ fibre plates are supported by and attached to a double layer of ceramic refractory plates of the same type as the bottom plate described above. End-user-friendly readily replaceable heating elements on the sides of the work chamber.


Large Box Type Electric Furnace


Maximum temperature 1400 oC
Maximum work temperature limited time 1350 oC
Continuous work temperature 1300 oC
Insulation specifications Low-density ceramic bricks and ceramic fibres
Thermocouple type S – Type thermocouple
Heating mechanism SSR (Solid State Relay)
Heating Sides 4 Sides
Heating Elements type Kanthal APM wire from Kanthal, Sweden (4 heated zones)
Housing Stainless Steel
Door opening Vertical lift door with adjustable air inlet integration system
Air outlet Integrated exhaust air outlet system
Stability ± 2 oC
Homogeneity ± 5 %
Inner dimensions 250 x 280 x 390 mm (height x width x depth)
Workable capacity 30 Liters
Outer dimensions 750 x 580 x 625 mm (height x width x depth)
Electric control method Ramp programmer from 1 program 64 steps to 8 program/ 8 steps
Over-temperature security Overheating protection security class II: Digital single set point.
Protective gas connection Gas inlet for supply inert gases into the chamber (on rear) 1/4”
Chimney Forced smock extraction chimney with exhaust fan
Gas inlet Gas inlet for supply inert gases into the chamber (on rear)
Observation hole Observation hole in the door
Power 8.8Kw, 50-60 Hertz
Voltage 380V III


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