Dispersion Kneader



Dispersion Kneader for Rubber and Polymers


Model: LKD-500

Mixing chamber & Rotors blades Material:

Alloy high carbon steel Cast and its edges are further duly hard-faced with special-purpose alloy.

Use: Mainly used for mixing of rubber & plastics.

Rotor Blade: Cobalt based hard alloy

Chamber Volume: 1-5 Liters

Effective Working Capacity:  1-2 Liters

Main Drive Motor: 7-10 kW

Temperature: up to 400 ºC

Rotate speed of motor: 1500rpm

The pressure of Cooling Water for rubber mixing: 0.1-0.5Mpa

The pressure of Heated Steam for plastic mixing: 0.5-1Mpa

Mixing Chamber Tilting Angle: 110-150º

Required Air Compressor: 1-1.5 kW,

Heating mode: Electric

Rotor speed of mixer (front/rear): 30-45/25-35 r/min

Power Supply: according to Pakistani standard

Overall Dimensions: (L×W×H): 7×4×7ft


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