Digital Overhead Stirrer



The indigenous designed high shear and controlled rpm digital overhead stirrer. This dissolver is ideally suitable for the production of any type of compound. Due to the mechanically adjustable stand, the machine is easy to use for laboratory and pilot plant operations. The compact and robust stands contain a controlled rpm inverter. The user-friendly technology includes a switchable digital indication for speed, frequency and torque. The dissolver can also be used with the modular dispersion and fine grinding systems as a bead mill, basket mill, homogenizer and dissolver for high viscous products. The central container clamping system allows simple handling. The container is placed between the clamping arms and it is centrally clamped in place. In the laboratory, it is often necessary to process material at a controlled and defined temperature. For this reason, different sizes of stainless steel, double jacketed containers will be supplied. These containers control the heat by water circulation throughout the jacketed walls.

Display TFT Graphic / Digital display
User interface Digital
Motor Brushless DC
Volume 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 & 250 liters
Speed 0 to > 2000 Rpm
Speed control Digital invertor
Viscosity More than 100 (mPa*s) can be stirred easily
Safety vibrator sensor Yes, integrated
Timer Yes, integrated
External probe Yes, integrated connection
Stand Mild Steel with Anti-corrosion coating support rod and bases
Stirring shafts With folding blades (for round bottom flask) &  Sharpe teeth blades


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