Cross Flow Membrane Filtration


Working theory: To remove the Impurities and bacteria without change liquid color and taste. The process of tangential flow with the filtrate circulating scouring membrane surface, not only high filtration precision, but also adapted to the higher concentration and turbidity of the liquid Body clarification, sterilization filtration.

Advantages: high-precision sterilization filter, sterilization effect of more than 99%, the filtrate is highly clear and transparent.

Usage: The device can be widely used in liquor, rice wine, wine, health wine, beverages, rice vinegar, the Drug extracts, enzyme preparations.

 Cutoff aperture  Approximately 0.18um
 Sterilization rate:   ~ 99%
 pH Value  ~ 1 – 14
 Max. Pressure  <0.25Mpa
 Suitable temp.  <45
 Capacity:  50-500L/hr. (customized)
 Advantage:  high cut-off rate easy operate
 Material:  Stainless Steel


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