Cross-flow Filtration

Crossflow filtration

Crossflow filtration is when the flow is applied tangentially across the membrane surface. As the feed flows across the membrane surface, filtrate passes through while concentrate accumulates at the opposite end of the membrane. The tangential flow of the membrane creates a shearing effect on the surface of the membrane, which in turn reduces fouling.


Cross-flow Membrane Filtration Assembly



Filtration setup

Cross-Flow Membrane Filtration Assembly


Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration
Membrane module

Plate and frame multi-membrane module for RO & UF

Module diameter

13 – 26 cm2
Cell hold-up volume

~ 10 ml

Channel diameter

~ 2mm
No. of Modules

3 modules system

Storage and mixing vessel

~ 1000 ml

Operating Pressure

4 ~ 5 bar

Cross-flow velocity

Variable velocity by using manual Rota-meter

Collection beakers

Various sizes glass beakers for collection of permeate and retentate
Material of construction

Stainless Steel membrane module structure and Mild Steel with Galvanizing Coating

Cross-flow mechanism

Crossflow mechanism with feed point position for cross-flow of feed on membrane
Feed Temperature

Electric heating system 0 – 80 oC, digitally controlled by the controller

Temperature sensor

Thermocouple with sensor and digital display system

The conductivity of retentate/permeate can be analyzed by an external portable conductivity measuring meter

Pressure display

Manual pressure gauges will be mounted on each module feed and retentate line


Rubber O-rings


The membrane module will be integrated with all necessary pipes
Control panel and Electric distribution box

The membrane module will be fully equipped with all necessary controllers, wires, switches, buttons and digital displays

Electric system

Three / two phases as per instrument requirement

Level indicator

Level indicator manual gauge will be mounted on the main feed tank
Tools & accessories

All the tools and accessories will be provided along-with membrane module system for easy maintenance and operations


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