Conveyor belt (Pilot)


Conveyor belt machine for drying of material while moving on a conveyor belt. Material of the conveyor is especially selected to withstand against various types of bio mass. Temperature range of heaters will be 200 oC.  Parts of machine in exposure to atmosphere and have chances to get corrode will be coated by applying world’s highest quality galvanizing coating.

Material of construction Mild Steel (MS), which is a Plain-Carbon Steel, the most common form of steel having carbon in the range of

0.12 – 2.5 % which makes it better choice for fabrication.

Dimensions Length of the conveyor belt approximately 2-4 feet

(according to customer requirement)

Motor Single phase or three phase power supply motor for conveyor movement.
Heater High temperature heater for heating bio mass up to 200 oC ranging from 1 to 5 KW power rating (any range between 1 to 5 KW).
Instrumentation Digital temperature indication for proper determination of temperature of the heaters used for drying bio mass.  Thermocouple will be hooked up with heater in form of PID loop for proper control of temperature and heater ON/OFF switching


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