Composite Shredder


A Double-shaft multi-bladed compacted electrically driven composite shredder is built to process many different kinds of waste streams in large volumes. Two rotating shafts with special design blades and spacer combs placed between blades and attached to shredding chamber walls cut material into pieces with great force. The special design of the blades and the control of production parameters allow to control the size of the material in the output.

The Blade hooks creates scissors action on any kind of hard to process materials. Heavy duty structure of the double shaft shredder and an exclusive cutting system allow shredder to cope with the processing of waste which is harder to manage such as, oversized waste or cut resistant waste.

The pre-sorted material to be chopped, fed into the two shafts whose rotors are moving slowly. The cutting discs are plugged on the shaft; this process is controlled by controller. The precisely serrated fixed knives make sure the material is shredded with a minimum of power.

Shredding materials Polymer composites materials such as, carbon fibre, glass fibre, Kevlar etc. with solid metals
Feeding system Mounted feed hopper with min. dimension 36”x30”x40” (LxWxH)
Shafts Double shaft shredding / cutting system min. 24 inch working width
Crushing tooth Max. 8mm (can be lower as per customer need)
Thru-put Min. 1.5 m3/h
Torque ~ 800 Nm
Speed Adjustable speed motor with inverter
Motor power Min. power ~ 10 KW (or higher as per customer need and suitable with crusher teeth suitable)
Voltage 380 V (normally)



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