Due to their different degrees of deacetylation and molecular weights, chitosans are a large group of substances with different properties.

Chitosan differs from chitin in that it has free amino groups and is obtained by deacetylizing chitin. At a minimum deacetylization level of 75 tp 90 % (=amount of free amino groups in the polymer) it is considered to be chitosan. The monomer of chitosan is D-amino glucose.

Chemical name: (1,4)-2-Amino-2-desoxy- beta-D-glucan
Empirical formula: (C6H11NO4)n
CAS: 9012-76-4

chitosan chemie

Viscosity values refer to 1% chitosan dissolved in 1% acetic acid.

All products are available as flakes with ash contents of <1%, <2%, <3% or as 1-4% solution.

On request chitosan as powder, chitosan derivatives (chitosan HCl, chitosan lactate, etc.), and chitosan oligomers can be produced.

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