Braiding Machine (Horizontal)


The high speed braiding machine we produce are commonly used to braid many kinds of both round and flat ropes / cords / laces, shoes laces, handbag laces, two rapes, luggage ropes, fishing line, fiberglass sleeves, high pressure rubber hoses, decoration ropes, elastic ropes etc. and cables such as high temperature wire, shielded cable, etc.

Materials Glass fiber, carbon fiber and Jute hemp fiber
Type Horizontal type braiding machine
No. of spindles 72
No. of bobbin 144
No. of heads Single head
Bobbin size Φ48 * 140 mm
Rope diameter 25 mm
Gear size 90mm
Yarn breaking auto-stop sensor Machine is equipped with yarn breaking auto-stop sensor
Braiding pitch Braiding pitch is adjustable
Motor power 0.75kw * 2, 0.75kw, (drag power), 380v, 50hz
Speed adjuster Inverter controlled braiding machine with braiding and drag speed adjuster
Traction Crawler traction
Straight yarn insertion Machine can work on straight yarn insertion


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