Automatic Rapier Sample Loom


Yarn materials Cotton, Polyester cotton, Kevlar, Carbon, Glass, Jute etc.
Working width 500 mm
Number of Frames 24 No. of frames, computerized electronic controlled, driven pneumatically by air cylinders. (2 heald frames for Leno selvedges, 22 for pattern). It is convenient to disassemble and assemble the heald. The heald frame adopts mould-drawing aluminum profile, hard oxidation wear-resistant treatment, sliding pair to be wear resistant material, without easy-wearing or deformation.
Shedding system Dobby (electronic)
Machine Speed 35-50 picks/min, adjustable speed
Warp yarn break up Automatic stop
Weft yarn break up Automatic stop
Weft Insertion Single rapier weft insertion driven by AC servo motor controlled. Rapier head can satisfy the requirements of all kinds of Tex fabrics, such as cotton, polyester/cotton, chemical fiber, industrial fabrics, metal fiber etc. without sloughed-off weft.
Cloth Take-Up Electronic control the range of taking – up and weft density.
Warp Let-Off Positive electronic controlled, adopting step motor for active electronic warp introduction. Imported stepper motor of TECO drives let-off device with electronic automatic adjusting warp tension. Constant warp tension could be maintained during waving.
Weft Color Selectors Electronic controlled 8 colors electronic weft selection device
Warp yarn tension control Automatically electronic adjusting warp tension
Configured dual-axis, warp tension Controlled by torque servo motor and digital display
Beat-Up Computerized controlled Servo motor beating-up, adapt to high count and high density fabric and special fabric.
Controller PLC Based – Industrial Programmable Controller
PC Hardware CPU / Hard Disk, Key Board / Mouse / LCD Monitor / Casing etc. details as: Intel Core i3, 500 GB Hard Disk, key board, Mouse, 18 inches LCD, Casing, Data Cables, DVD ROM, RAM
Software Windows operational system with software Built-in Machine Driver, Pattern Editor and Diagnostic Software.
Power supply 220V, 50/60 Hz
Gas Beating mode: CAM beating controlled by servo motor


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