3D Spacer Weaving


3D Fabric Development Machine “3D Woven Spacer”

Model No. SGA598 Spacer



3D Fabric Development Machine (3D Woven Spacer)

Weaving materials

Kevlar, UHMWPE, Cotton, Polyester, Polyester/Cotton, Chemical Fiber, Industrial cloth, Glass, Metallic yarns etc.

Electronic rapier

The machine is equipped with the electronic rapier weft insertion system

Reed width

71 cm

Effective width

60 cm


30-45 weft insertion rate per minute

Heald frame

Total 22 Healed Frames

Pre-installed healed frames twenty (20) included two (2) twisted healed frames


The shedding, picking and beating-up systems of the machines are fully automatic electronically controlled systems

Weft selection

Electronic control weft selection

Weft colour selection

Eight (8) weft colours selection with electronic pneumatic controlled colour selection device

Weft insertion

Electronic rapier servo motor weft insertion. The rapier head can meet the needs of all kinds of fabrics such as 10-3000tex cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton, chemical fibre, industrial cloth, glass, metallic yarns etc.

Spacer thickness

The machine can weave the thickness of spacer fabric 2mm – 10mm.

Double back beams

The machine is equipped with double beam control. It can weave double velour fabric with double let-off. The back beams can be adjusted to meet the cloth style with a dual weaving axis. The set value of the tension sensor can be interchanged. It has the function of breaking weft and stopping automatically.

Double let off

Main let off: let off device driven by step motor, automatic electronic adjustment of warp tension. Let-off of Velveteen: double roller let off mechanism is adopted, and a servo motor is used to control the let off displacement of velveteen. The change rate of the same weaving axis’s full and empty yarn tension is less than or equal to 10%, keeping stable during weaving.


Pneumatic control element, multi-arm opening mechanism, can control up to 20 healed frames (including two healed) at once. The healed piece is easy to assemble and disassemble. The healed frame adopts die drawing aluminium alloy profile, hard oxidation and wear-resistant treatment, and the sliding pair is made of wear-resistant material, which is not easy to wear and deform.
Beating up

Driven by an independent servo motor, it can control times and position, suitable for the high count and high-density fabrics.


The machine is pre-installed with the required pattern. Any pattern which could be useful for the end-user to make spacers can be pre-installed in the machine.


Driven by a stepper motor and imported reducer, electronic control coiling, weft density range 10-300 pieces/inch. When the weft density is less than 100, the error is allowed ± 1;

Air Consumption

Pressure 0.45 ~ 0.8MPa, maximum gas consumption 300L / min (60cm).

Held wires/reeds

Healed wires (2-3) types and reed (2-3) types for different yarn count ranges
Overall dimension

1358 × 1150 × 1100mm


All the required accessories are included to make the machine operational such as electric cables, compressor etc.


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