3D Multiaxial Weaving

Our Multiaxial machine represents maximum production and quality requirements. They have been specially developed for processing glass, carbon, aramid and other technical yarns.


3D Multiaxial Weaving

Application To weave 3D multi-layer fabrics by using high-performance fibres like carbon, glass, kevlar etc.
Bobbin creel 300 No.
Working width 500 mm
Number of Layers 03
Picking system Rigid Rapier picking system
Shedding system Dobby
Operating speed Up-to 30 rpm
Weft selection 02 (Dual directions electronic control weft selection)
Warp let-off systems Fixed length warp let-off, constant tension warp let-off, passive warp let-off
Weft insertion Rigid rapier weft insertion
Take-up Weft density range 10-255 picks/10cm
Shedding Heald frame numbers (including leno); multiple heald holes and heddle with multiple shedding.
Beating Beating force and beating times can be adjustable and can beat continuously
Software Windows operated compatible software for analysis and diagnostics for weaving.


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