3-Roll Mill


Mill-100 is a unique roll mixer which is widely used in Paste materials including Inks, Paints, Coatings, Pigments, Soap, Artificial Leather, Plastics, Lubricants, Greases, Polymers, Resins, Chocolates, and so on. Especially, for high viscosity and fineness material. The Mill-100 is made of high hardness alloy and anti-abrade, also equipped with cooling device for continuous operations.

Whether colors, lacquers or coatings with pigments, whether conductive pastes for electronics with silver particles or carbons and resins in composite materials, dispersions or suspensions are crucial for the functioning of many products. Made of solid and liquid components, these pastes must be mixed, homogenized and dispersed during the processing. Solid components must be homogeneously distributed, particle clumps broken up, particles separated and ground if necessary. The particles in a suspension tend to agglomerate, but only in defined de-agglomeration do they unfold their intrinsic properties. The dispersing with Mill-100 is a pioneering technology that is indispensable because of today‘s wide range of application fields in the laboratory as well as in research and production.

Body Structure Alloys
Display Digital display
Roller diameter 100 mm
Working length 250 mm
Roll Speed 28 – 152 rpm
Motor Power 1.5 KW
Capacity 30 Liters
Overall Size 680 x 600 x 700 mm
Weight 300 Kg


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