Marjan Polymer Industries’ committed to engineering opportunities that deliver excellence, empower creativity, support relationships and nurture growth.

Excellence is at the heart of our culture: Consistently exceeding expectations allows us to continue to build enduring relationships with our clients and our employees.

At Marjan Polymer Industries, we recognize how fortunate we are to have the resources available to maintain our thriving practice and provide an excellent quality of life for our employees. We take corporate social responsibility seriously, and actively look for ways to improve the communities where we live and work, minimize our environmental footprint, and promote inclusion throughout our firm. We are united by our Core Values of Excellence, Trust, Relationships, Stability and Passion…the foundation for everything we do at our company.

Discovering what your setbacks are is just the first step in the process. Our design engineering consultants take all the information you give them, all the information they collect and all the experience they have to figure out how to push those setbacks in the right direction. Each industry is different, and each company within that industry also differs, which is why we tailor answers to your specific needs. In addition to industrial processes and operations, some of the factors we’ll analyze include:

  • Tooling and Equipment
  • Structural Support
  • Painting and Coating Strategies
  • Mechanics
  • Layout of Facilities
  • Electrical Systems
  • Conveying
  • Control Panels, Systems and Designs
  • Building Utility Systems

By looking at these processes as a whole, together we can see what needs to change in order for it to all flow more smoothly.